Parking: Please park in the "Parking" area -- basically East of the barns and south toward the show arena. The "cabin" is the Show Office. It is located at the West end of the barns. You will see signs for the Office on the water trucks west of the barns. Please bring good walking/hiking shoes, a folding chair, sun hat, etc. all the the things you will need for a day in the sun. We appreciate your cooperation in parking in the parking area, as the office/cabin area gets very congested.
Also, we use Motorola talk-about radios. If you have your own, please bring them to use -- we'll supply the batteries. 
Thank you again!

7:00 Safety meeting with EMTs and officials --- at the cabin
7:30-8:30 -- Jump Judges meeting -- this is mandatory for all jump judges -- at the cabin

8:00am -- Dressage begins. All scribes, and stewards need to be at the cabin by 7:30 to receive radios, clipboards, and instructions

9:30 -- XC begins and all jump judges need to be in place (you will receive instructions at your meeting at 7:30am)

12:30-5:30 Stadium Jumping Set Up. All those signed up to tear down dressage and set up Stadium please meet at the Main arena at 12:30 (at the conclusion of Dressage)

4:00-7:00pm. Stadium Jumping. All scribes, jump crew and stewards please meet at the main arena at 3:30 to receive radios, clip boards, and instructions.

All Volunteers (EMTS, Jump Judges, Scribes, Stewards, Runners, Jump Crew, Announcers etc.) receive a free lunch and snack. Amy Pope, our concessionaire, will have a list of volunteers, please let her know so that she can provide you your meal.

Any questions please call or text (208) 301-0579

Thank you!

Dressage Schooling Show Aug. 11 This will begin in the morning and conclude before 2pm
Friday Aug. 11 --     1 Scribes  -- Lenore Parker                                           
                                1 Runners
                                1-2 Warm-up Stewards -- Elizabeth McEvoy
                                1 Ring Steward to Main Arena -- Rod Parker 
Stanton Farm Horse Trials
Saturday Aug. 12   Dressage:  Dressage will start very early Saturday morning! and should be done by mid-morning
                                2 Scribes - Susan Zenier, Lenore Parker                                           
                                2-4 Runners -- 1 runner filled
                                1 Gate keeper in main arena (optional)
                                1-2 Warm-up Stewards/Bit check -- Angela Sondenaa
                                1 Ring Steward to Main Arena -- Margo Maresca
                                1 Announcer -- Roger and Gray

                                Cross Country -- XC Safety meeting will be at 7:30am Saturday. You will be briefed, 
                                            pick up your radios, packets and a lunch at that time.
                                20 Jump Judges -- Erica Satler,  Deb Whitney, Lakota Anderson, Deb Pehrson, Lenore Parker, Janice Jones, 
                                            Darlene Fuller, Andrea, Rod Parker tent, Val Steele, Jack Bell                              
                                4 Timers -- Bruce Roberts, Lars Rosenblatt, Olav Stanton, Parker Johnston
                                Warm-up steward -- Elizabeth McEvoy
                                Pinney collector 
                                Hospitality (can be same person as Pinney Collector) -- provide cold water and ice to competitors as they                         
                                Announcer -- Roger and Gray
                                Control -- Tom Polek
                                Stadium Jumping -- will begin about 4pm and will conclude about 7pm
                               Set Up -- Deary Football team and Adri Doyal
                                1   Warm-up Steward 
                                Main Gate Steward -- Elizabeth McEvoy                           
                                Judge's Scribe -- Janice Jones
                                1 Exit Gate -- Cassandra
                                2 Timers -- Lenore and Rebecca (?)
                                4-6 on Jump Crew -- Deb Pehrson
                                2  Awards --Sarah
                                Announcer Roger and Gray

Please contact Sarah Stanton (208) 877-1248 or click the link above -- Thank you!!!


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We are now on Facebook!

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OK I took the plunge and am attempting to join the 21st century. You can find us on Facebook under Stanton Farms (link below) or you can find me, Sarah Stanton as well. Check it out! I will update Facebook more frequently than this web site, and as always I check my email once a day (minimum).


View Pictures from the Horse Trials

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Gray Stanton has a web site where you can view your photos. If you wish to order any, please contact him at snowboardninja45@gmail.com. Jerry Morse also has link to his web page where you can also find many really nice photos from our Horse Trials. Many Thanks! to both of these dedicated photographers!! Please check out their web sites and enjoy!

Gray's web site  http://grayssuperduperphotos.shutterfly.com
Jerry's web site  http://morsephoto.smugmug.com/Equestrian-Photos

Stanton Farms Horse Trials a Success!!

posted Aug 29, 2011, 10:25 AM by Sarah Stanton

Many Thanks to all the competitors and volunteers that made for a really fun and exciting weekend. You may still see the results online. Go to our "Downloads" page and click "View" of "Entry Status, Ride Times, and Results."
HUGE Thanks to Judy Anderson and Zion Lutheran Church for all their love and support. Without them there would not be a Stanton Farm Horse Trials. We really could not do it without our whole family.

See you all next year!!

Entry Status, Ride Times, and Results

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Go to our Downloads page and click "View" of  "Entry Status, Ride Times, and Results" for information about the Horse Trials, or go to

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